The Inspiration behind the Goo Maral Collection

In the secret history of Mongolia, the ancestors of Ghengis Khaan, Burte Chono meaning grey wolf and his wife Goo Maral meaning beautiful deer crossed the sky and ocean to settle at the spring of the Onon river in the mountain Burkhan Khaldun and gave birth to a boy named Battsagaan.

Some scholars believe that in the above ancestral wisdom, the wolf represents the male and the deer represents the female believing it to be an expression of heaven and earth. There is many research and experiments surrounding the myths and the legends of Burte Chono and Goo Maral.

Our Dansran brand recently embraced the “Goo Maral” collection. This special collection was carefully designed using grade A aquatic blue, black or red zircon crystals to potray the image of the “Maral” deer to symbolise its beauty.

This elegant jewellery is made of high quality 925 pure silver material plated with yellow gold or white gold finish.

It is a special collection that emphasizes the beauty and the confidence of women who can wear at any time such as holidays, anniversaries, meetings, conferences and every day.

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