The Legend of felt fox

Once upon a time, a curious fox was wandering alone and bored. He was thinking of something to keep from getting bored when he came upon a home. A loud baby's laughter and sounds came from the home which is a sign that a new person had come.The baby was soon cradled, and a lullaby sang to put the baby to sleep.

The fox observed the family and decided to naughty. The fox went to the sleeping baby and called out, "Wake up, little baby, wake up and come play with me." The baby turned but asleep. Therefore, the fox lied to say, "Wake up, baby, wake up, your mot already has a fox." Dueternal sky, Green symbolizing the earth, White symbolizing the holy air, Yellow symbolizinher has gone, your mother has gone.

When the baby began to cry who believed this, the fox got scared that the parents will be awake, hurriedly said "My little baby, go back to sleep, your mother didn't go far, didn't go far." The baby was happy to hear this and smiled in their dream, while the bored fox was having fun. Seeing this, the baby's father carved a felt fox for his baby. to this myth, the practice of cutting felt foxes became a tradition to protect children from all kinds of evil and pray for them to become healthy and strong.


The next day, the fox came again and saw a felt fox on top of the boy. He said, "This boy has a fox."
Due to this myth, the ritual of cutting foxes to protect children from all kinds of evil and to be a healthy and strong person is still used today.
The fox is cut and hung with 5 colored triangles or "teeg/ тээг" together; Blue of the eternal sky symbolizes the earth, the green of the earth, the white of holy air, the yellow of prosperity, and the red of the earth of fire.


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