The owner of the song "Middle River Vegetables" is a beautiful girl Dashtseden.

"Middle River Vegetables"

Beautiful women of all times have defined the standard of beauty and music and paintings of their time. An example of this is a noble girl named Dashtseden, who is famous for the folk song "Middle River Vegetables" and is famous for her elegance.


It was a time when the eyes of all Mongolians were looking towards the east, when the Japanese were making provocations and violated the border every day, and the rumors of war were approaching day by day. The war broke out and the young general Lhagvasuren invited a few friends to a small banquet before he left for the Halkh river. It is said that the general's Russian wife, who saw this situation, got very upset and pushed the general off the balcony. It is said that when the Marshal heard about this incident, when the war was about to break out, he ordered the Russian wife to be returned home by cargo plane within 24 hours, saying that she had tried to kill our best general.


So, after the end of the Khalkh river war, Marshall almost issued an order and gave Lkhagvasuren a beautiful girl named Dashtseden, the adopted daughter of Choijin monk, the first-class dancer of the country, and a beautiful girl with a slender back and eyebrows, to Lkhagvasuren, as a policy of the state, to prevent her from being blindfolded. Mr. Dashtseden was one of the first famous dancers of our country who danced on the stage of Bombogur Green, Nardom, and Exemplary clubs. Dashtseden was a beautiful woman who was a combination of beauty and beauty, so ordinary men and even monks would leave their rites to see her. It used to be said that not only people from the city but also pilgrims from the countryside used to go to Bombogur Green to watch her dance.

Middle river vegetables
It's like you planted it while it was growing     
Your daughter from Dunjidmaag
It's like it was painted when I was born
Look at the ulzi patterned shawl
Don't let go of your arms   
Six months of winter and autumn
The noble and beautiful song "Don't forget your son" was composed in the 1940s by the talented people of the community for Mr. Dashtseden, and it has become a legend as a folk song.
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