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Gold plated Silver ring with Rough Tanzanite

Gold plated Silver ring with Rough Tanzanite

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• Metal: Gold plated 925 sterling silver 
• Stone setting: Rough Moonstone
• Presented in a gift box and a bag

Tanzanite is well known for its worldwide success and has continued to be in demand since its discovery in 1967 in Tanzania. There are technically three different colors on the spectrum and they range from green to purple to blue. Deep blue is the most coveted color which typically has a purple hue shimmer to it. It is trichroic and displays distinct pleochroism.

Tanzanite is a significant communication stone, giving a person the capability to express the truth. It also increases awareness in meditation, endorses consideration, enlightening a person so they understand their own heart, and also soothes an overcharged mind.

Dansran, a Mongolian jewellery brand

Care information

Dansran Jewellery is designed to be durable, however all plated jewellery will naturally tarnish and look dull if proper care have not been taken. Always protect your jewellery from knocks, scratches, chemicals, sunlight and heat/cold to minimize these effects.

Follow our tips to get in the habit of how to love and protect your jewellery for longer keep:

  • Ensure to put on your jewellery at last and taken off first when dressing to prevent catching in clothing;
  • Avoid wearing your jewellery when applying hairspray, perfume, soap, body lotions or moisturizers as some chemicals may corrode and discolour jewellery;
  • Remove jewellery when showering or bathing or exercising. This is particularly important when on the beach, in the sea and in chlorinated water.
  • Avoid hitting surfaces or furniture such as tables and chairs as it could cause scratches, chips and other damage;
  • Never expose jewellery to chemicals such as bleach, chlorine, polish, cleaning fluids or harsh materials.

Storing your Jewellery

  • Keep your jewellery in a special or a separate box to avoid scratching.

Cleaning your Jewellery

Using a soft, lint free cloth is an effective way to keep silver, yellow and rose gold jewellery looking shiny and lustrous. Do not use tissue paper or paper towels to clean metal as they can cause scratching.

Proper care will allow your jewellery to stay with you for a long time as if it were new. 


Note that over time, all plated product’s plating wears off naturally.

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